Sweet Surprise!

Yesterday was a great photography day for Shutterlily Photography!  Not only did I get to spend my time photographing one of the most precious newborns I have ever photographed and laid my eyes upon, but I also got to spend the afternoon photographing the sweetest and cutest little girl by the name of Ava.  This little sweetheart has a smile that would melt your heart and shy eyes that leave you breathless.  The entire Klatt family was so much fun to work with and photograph.  From start to finish, each shot just kept getting better and better.  


I thank the Tebbutt family for trusting Shutterlily Photography to help capture those candid newborn expressions that occur in the blink of an eye.  


I also thank the Klatt family for allowing me to capture their candid expressions of life and look forward to sharing their photographs with all of you...


Shutterlily Photography~

Melissa Purcell


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