You're a teacher! Not a photographer!

"You're a teacher!  Not a photographer!"  I can't tell you how many times this quote (said to me by a close friend) rings through my head each time I book a photo session.  


Back when I was pregnant for my first daugter Delaney, I was told all about the love between a mother and a child.  It seemed elusive at the time.  I was in a constant state of panic that what if that mommy love didn't happen for me.  We have all heard of those situations where woman delivers child and has a very difficult time bonding with said child.  Well  the opposite happened for me.  That love happened for me.  Yes it did.  It was immediate and it was life-changing.  The love that I felt for my daughter was consuming and it actually became dangerous.  I would sit and cry that each day passed me by never to return.  I was afraid that I would forget the way she looked at me as I heated her bottle for her.  Or the way she jumped into my arms when she was happy to see me.  It was the first period in my life that time was my enemy and I fell into a depression over how I would ever remember everything?  The pressure was too great. 


I knew that I was on the verge of an existential crisis and needed to find a way out of living so miserably in my own head.   Then I bought my first camera.  Magically with each snap of the shutter button I melted my fears and transitioned myself back to normalcy.  I did it!!  I found a way that I could freeze what if it was only frame per frame.  


So you see, photography for me has become a need.  A need to freeze these precious candid expressions and life moments.  A need for me to help others capture their life moments and pass on this gift that I found I had in the most of unusual ways.  Yes, teaching is my chosen profession and photography is my hobby, but photography for me has become my need.  


Book a photo session today so I can help you capture your candid expressions of life!

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